What Terrestrial Wildlife Can Be Spotted In Panama City Beach?

If you’re planning a trip to Panama City Beach, you might be wondering what kind of wildlife you can expect to encounter on land. From the secluded coastal dunes to the breathtaking St. Andrews State Park, this vibrant city offers a variety of opportunities to observe terrestrial wildlife. Home to a diverse range of species, including bobcats, foxes, and deer, Panama City Beach provides countless chances for unforgettable encounters with nature. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast or simply crave a break from the bustling city life, Panama City Beach promises to offer an exciting glimpse into the captivating world of terrestrial wildlife.

What Terrestrial Wildlife Can Be Spotted In Panama City Beach?



Pelicans are a familiar sight in Panama City Beach, with their large size and distinctive appearance. These birds are known for their long beaks and throat pouches, which they use to catch fish. You can often find them diving from the sky into the water to catch their prey. Pelicans are social birds and can be seen gathering in groups, especially near fishing spots or along the beach. Keep an eye out for their graceful flight and impressive dives.


Ospreys, also known as fish hawks, are another common avian species found in Panama City Beach. These magnificent birds of prey are known for their exceptional fishing skills. With their sharp talons and keen eyesight, ospreys are capable of plunging into the water to snatch fish with remarkable precision. You might spot them perched on tree limbs near bodies of water, scanning the surroundings for their next meal. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars to get a closer look at these impressive hunters.

Great Blue Herons

If you’re a fan of tall, elegant birds, the great blue heron will surely catch your attention. These majestic creatures can often be spotted wading in shallow waters, patiently waiting for fish and other small aquatic creatures to come within striking distance. With their long legs and sharp beaks, great blue herons are skilled hunters. They move slowly and deliberately, making them a captivating sight to observe. Keep an eye out for their characteristic slow-motion flight and distinctive squawk as they take off.


Woodpeckers bring a vibrant touch to the wildlife in Panama City Beach with their bright feathers and unique behavior. These birds are known for their drumming, which they use to communicate with each other and establish their territories. You might hear their rhythmic tapping on tree trunks before you spot them. Keep an eye out for their distinctive head crests and powerful beaks as they search for insects underneath the bark of trees. Look for them in wooded areas or even in your own backyard.


Egrets are elegant, long-legged wading birds that can be found near bodies of water in Panama City Beach. They are known for their pristine white feathers, which make them stand out against their natural surroundings. These birds are skilled hunters, patiently stalking their prey before striking with lightning speed. Look for egrets in marshy areas, where they can often be seen wading through the water or perched on branches. Their graceful movements and delicate appearance make them a pleasure to observe.


Seagulls are a familiar sight along the shores of Panama City Beach. They are opportunistic feeders and are often seen scavenging for food near beachside restaurants, fishing piers, and boardwalks. While some may see them as pests, seagulls are an important part of the coastal ecosystem, helping to clean up leftover food and preventing excess waste. Keep an eye out for their distinctive white feathers, gray wings, and their characteristic calls as they soar through the sky or search for food on the ground.

Least Terns

Least terns are small, graceful birds that can be found nesting on the beaches of Panama City Beach during the breeding season. They have a distinctive black cap on their heads, which contrasts with their white plumage. These birds are expert divers and can plunge into the water with remarkable accuracy to catch small fish. If you visit the beach during the nesting season, keep an eye out for signs indicating protected areas where least terns may be nesting. Give them their space and observe from a distance to help protect these precious birds.

Reddish Egrets

Reddish egrets are medium-sized wading birds that add a splash of color to the coastal ecosystem of Panama City Beach. These birds have a unique feeding behavior known as “dancing.” They run, leap, and spin while foraging in the shallows, creating an entertaining spectacle for observers. Keep an eye out for their distinctive reddish-brown feathers, shaggy crests, and long bills as they search for small fish and crustaceans in the water. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself captivated by their energetic and acrobatic movements.

Piping Plovers

Piping plovers are small, sand-colored birds that can be found nesting near the beaches of Panama City Beach. These birds rely on camouflaging themselves in their sandy surroundings to stay safe from predators. Due to their vulnerable status, it is important to take special care around these nesting areas. Keep an eye out for signs indicating these protected areas and observe from a distance to help protect these delicate birds and their nests.

Black Skimmers

Black skimmers are a truly fascinating species that can be spotted in Panama City Beach. These birds have a distinct appearance with their black wings, white underparts, and bright red bills. They are named “skimmers” because of their unique feeding technique – they fly low over the water with their lower bill submerged, gliding along and catching fish as they go. Look for them near the water’s edge, skimming the surface with their bills slightly open. Their distinctive flight and feeding behavior make them a memorable sight to behold.


Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are some of the most beloved marine mammals in the world, and they can be spotted swimming and playing in the waters of Panama City Beach. These intelligent creatures are known for their curiosity and acrobatic displays. Keep an eye out for their dorsal fins breaking the surface of the water as they swim in pods, and you may even spot them leaping out of the water or riding the waves created by passing boats. Consider taking a dolphin-watching tour to get a closer look and learn more about these incredible marine mammals.

Gray Squirrels

Gray squirrels are a common sight in parks and wooded areas of Panama City Beach. Known for their bushy tails and nimble climbing skills, these squirrels are true masters of their environment. They are often seen foraging for nuts, seeds, and fruits, and may even try to steal a snack from unsuspecting picnickers. Keep an eye out for their quick movements and agile leaps as they traverse tree branches, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself entertained by their playful antics.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed deer are a majestic species that can be found in the wooded areas surrounding Panama City Beach. These graceful animals are recognizable by their large ears and the white undersides of their tails, which they flash as a warning signal when alarmed. White-tailed deer are most active during dawn and dusk, so consider taking a walk or hike during these times for a better chance of spotting them. Keep a respectful distance and enjoy observing these gentle creatures in their natural habitat.


Raccoons are adaptable and clever creatures that can be found in both urban and natural environments in Panama City Beach. Known for their masked faces and ringed tails, raccoons are skilled foragers and are often seen searching for food near water sources. Keep an eye out for them during the evening or nighttime hours, as they are primarily nocturnal animals. Be cautious when encountering raccoons and remember to never feed or approach them, as they are wild animals and can become aggressive if they feel threatened.


Bobcats are elusive and solitary creatures that inhabit the forests and marshy areas around Panama City Beach. While they are rarely seen due to their secretive nature, they leave behind signs of their presence such as scat, tracks, and scratch marks on trees. Bobcats are skilled hunters and primarily feed on small mammals such as rabbits and squirrels. Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of bobcat activity while exploring nature trails or secluded areas, and consider yourself lucky if you manage to catch a glimpse of one of these elusive felines.


Red foxes can be found in the wooded areas around Panama City Beach. These small, agile mammals are known for their rusty red fur and white-tipped tails. Foxes are opportunistic predators and scavengers, feeding on a variety of small mammals, birds, fruits, and insects. While they are primarily nocturnal, they can sometimes be seen during the early morning or evening hours. If you spot a fox, maintain a respectful distance and observe from a distance, as they are wild animals and should not be approached or fed.

Beach Mice

Beach mice are a unique species that inhabit the coastal dunes of Panama City Beach. These small mammals are specially adapted to their sandy habitat, with fur that matches the color of the sand and hind limbs designed for rapid movement. Beach mice primarily feed on seeds and vegetation found in dune environments. Due to their small size and vulnerability, beach mice are a protected species and it is important to avoid disturbing their natural habitat. Keep an eye out for signs mentioning their presence and enjoy observing these fascinating creatures from a distance.


Armadillos are a peculiar sight in Panama City Beach with their armored shell and distinctive snout. These nocturnal mammals are primarily insectivores, using their sharp, digging claws to search for insects and grubs in the ground. Although they may appear slow-moving, armadillos can surprisingly reach impressive speeds when needed. They are often seen near forested areas or digging for food in lawns and parks. Keep an eye out for their unique appearance and unusual foraging behavior, and be sure to give them their space as they go about their business.


Manatees, also known as sea cows, are gentle giants that can be spotted in the coastal waters near Panama City Beach. These herbivorous marine mammals are known for their slow movement and rounded bodies. Manatees are typically found in warm, shallow waters, and they can often be seen peacefully grazing on seagrass or resting near the surface. Consider taking a guided boat tour or kayaking adventure to increase your chances of encountering these incredible creatures. Remember to always observe manatees from a respectful distance and follow guidelines to protect their fragile habitat.

Cotton Rats

Cotton rats are small rodents that can be found in the grassy and marshy areas of Panama City Beach. These creatures, which are named for their habit of building nests using cotton-like materials, play an important role in the ecosystem by feeding on a variety of vegetation. Although they are primarily active at night, you may still encounter them during the day. Keep an eye out for their small size and distinctive long tails as they scurry through tall grasses or along the edges of wetlands.